Case Study


Lloyd Banks, Miriam Muley



Success Stats

  1. Identified untapped market opportunities in diverse communities through advanced analytics and presented a business case through effective storytelling.
  2. Developed relationships with 50 plus leaders in the Middle Eastern Community to include nonprofit, civic, business, grassroots, etc. 

2 Paragraphs

“Let’s talk Health” was first introduced to build relationships with the Arab and Chaldean markets. The objective of the Let’s Talk Health™ Community Dialog is to strategically grow relationships with key leaders in the diverse communities of Michigan, specifically in the Arab American, Chaldean, Latino, African-American/Black, and Asian-Pacific communities.  In so doing, the intent was to better understand the cultural drivers for each community from a healthcare perspective and, working with other functional groups within BCBSM, use these insights to develop company-wide programs that provide greater access and utilization of health care services to these audiences. 


“Let’s Talk Health” was successful in building alliances, creating strategic dialog forums leading to stronger community relationships and integrated business plans and to increased market share.  The program was successfully expanded to other diverse groups due to its success with the Arab and Chaldean markets.