DEMSA: (Detroit Emergency Medical Association)

Case Study


Eric Foster


Public & Labor Union

Success Stats

  1. The successful restoration of $1.8 million to the EMS division budget during the 2010-2011 City of Detroit budget process.
  2. Successfully resolved payroll compliance issues between the City, DEMSA & POAM
  3. Development and implementation of a multi-tiered (municipal, State & Federal) governmental affairs policy agenda for DEMSA to meet the demands and shifts that are occurring in the various governmental bodies that impacted their public safety union.
  4. Successfully advocated for Detroit City Council to conduct public hearings on EMS operations.
  5. Conducted over 50 meetings with City, County, State and Federal elected and bureaucratic officials on behalf of DEMSA 
  6. Identified bill sponsors for 5 legislative items from DEMSA’s state public policy agenda points.
  7. Developed a fiscal and operational analysis of the City of Detroit EMS division and Business Restructuring plan and presentations to Detroit City council members for 2011-2012 budget consideration.
  8. Presentation of DEMSA’s fiscal analysis to State Budget director John Nixon to highlight how municipal EMS agencies can be revenue catalyst for municipal bodies and reduce outlays on Medicaid and Medicare budgets by allowing alternative transport services and expanded scope of service practice at the client encounter.

2 Paragraphs

For DEMSA, we worked to identify Federal Grant opportunities, especially with FEMA, to fund vehicle replacement and staffing needs for EMS operations area. Additionally, we proposed to create grant funding via Medicaid and Medicare for EMS operations due to their direct impact on the level of care and cost reimbursements for services provided by hospitals that receive Medicare and Medicaid patients via EMS transportation. We researched and proposed Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement model adjustments for medically underserved communities, of which Detroit would serve as a demonstration model. We have outlined the process steps and have actively lobbying for legislative action and administrative waiver application development to CMS for the Medicaid portion of the EMS grant funding vehicle. We additionally proposed expanding revenue generation policy changes for EMS division operations and expanding service scope of practice for field response.