Detroit Parent Network

Case Study


Eric Foster, Lloyd Banks, DiAnna Solomon



Success Stats

  1. Managed the creation of a broad educational reform public policy agenda and the resulting parent workshops to facilitate member feedback and input.
  2. DPN’s Public Policy agenda has led to 29 public acts passed by the Michigan legislature and signed by Governor Granholm or Governor Snyder since 2007. 
  3. Additionally, 13 bills that would have a negative impact on education and DPN’s policy agenda were defeated, 
  4. 53 bills that DPN would have supported from the public agenda were defeated and 111 bills are either sitting in committee or died in the legislative process, but could be re-introduced.
  5. Development of community and civic engagement strategy around the Detroit Parent Network P.E.O.P.L.E’s Campaign.  The DPN’s PEOPLE’s Campaign is the brainchild of Sharlonda Buckman and stands for Public Safety, Education, Opportunities, Parks and Play, Leadership, and Engagement. 
  6. Governmental Relations Management and Public Policy Interface, including monitor, attend committee sessions and meetings and report on the legislative committees that impact education and conduct meetings with targeted state representatives and senators, school boards and other educational influences to inform of DPN’s public policy agenda and follow bills, resolutions and other legislative action through the process.
  7. Developed and provided public testimony on bills that client supported or opposed.
  8. Organized legislative session days to take members to Lansing to advocate for policy agenda.
  9. Organized and hosted legislative policy agenda media kickoff.
  10. Hosted receptions for newly elected and returning state legislative elected officials from Southeastern Michigan to introduce and educate them on DPN policy agenda.
  11. Organized sessions for client management to meet with legislative leaders including chairs of policy and appropriations committee of House and Senate and minority vice chairs of each of the target committees.

2 Paragraphs

Acted as the Governmental Affairs Agent for the Organization during May 2006 through February 2008 with Eric’s firm.  Work included creating legislative action and soliciting Democratic and Republican support of the DPN public policy agenda platform for educational change. In September 2013, Eric was hired to evaluate and re-align the DPN educational reform public policy agenda as well as analyze the effectiveness of the original public policy platform.


Eric through his former firm FMW and with Banks & Company led the development of community and civic engagement strategy around the Detroit Parent Network P.E.O.P.L.E’s Campaign. The purpose of the PEOPLE’s Campaign is to ignite the spirit of Detroit, Detroit Residents, to engage in the 2013 election and play an active role in the transformation of Detroit, neighborhood by neighborhood.

 The service model included the following scope of work deliverables:

Policy Point Development  

Project Research & Analysis  

Branding – Marketing – Communications 

Socio-Economic Report