Case Study


Eric Foster



Success Stats

  1.  Meetings with SJHS and Detroit Riverview management staff to identify strategic goals and objectives and identifying the desired consumer marketplace (expanded to include Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe Farms and Grosse Pointe City).
  2.  Meeting with stakeholders (faith based, elected officials, community organizations, civic organizations and non-profits) to assess the standing of Detroit Riverview within the target markets.
  3.  Complete socio-economic study of the Eastern Region of Detroit, Hamtramck, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe City as well as the Grosse Pointe Park communities and Identification of community economic and demographic (race, ethnic, social, etc.) factors impacting health care service purchases
  4. Health Care Customer Socio-Economic Profile, including customer types and model analysis of sales strategy per customer type by demographic and geographic considerations and sub-community socio-economic profiles.
  5. Full mapping of all community, business and faith-based organizations and entities within the target area.
  6. Identification of all media communications (Community newsletters, monthly publications, cable access shows, other communication tools)
  7. Focus Groups and community surveying to develop a market engagement strategy for each sub-community including stakeholder and political interaction, communication of hospital products and a return on sales/investment analysis.
  8. Stakeholder organizational analysis and return on investment profile for community relationship management. 
  9. Communications and media assessment and recommendations for proactive media related outreach and story placement.
  10. Development of core messaging focus and engagement strategy for each target group
  11. Identification of core internal assets to engage in strategy
  12. Target key business relationships to engage for positioning of hospital as business leader
  13. External relationship evaluation and tracking components.
  14. Develop a community engagement return on investment model to assess organizational benefits within target communities and valuation of organizations and stakeholders within each community.

2 Paragraphs

Eric led this project with a team of facilitators, media & PR specialist and community relations specialist over a six month period which included market analysis, competitor analysis (Detroit Medical Center, Bon Secours, Henry Ford Health System) and continuous meetings with management staff for progress updates. At the end of the assessment & re-engineering stage, Eric drafted the executive summary of the strategic plan report and socio-economic and consumer models reports. Upon completion, Eric made the multiple presentations to SJHS management regarding the strategic plan.


The driving outcome for St. John Health System Corporate Communications and Governmental Affairs Division and the Detroit Riverview Hospital Management Staff developing a Community Based Program that will foster an endearing and ongoing relationship with the identified St. John Detroit Riverview Community.  These relationships will foster the overall strategic goals of the system with a more than significant ROI.  The program would consist of identifying strategic areas community groups; prioritizing per St. John’s’ determined community groups, churches, business groups.  Once identified St. John would dispatch community liaisons to work w/ community groups.  These community liaisons would be responsible for building long term relationships.  These liaisons would monitor needs and opportunities of the particular groups in which they are working. The external universe for St. John Riverview’s service area included 651 community organizations, 441 churches, 19 business association, 53 media outlets and 43 municipal and county based elected officials to deal with.