Proposal 1 Vote No Campaign In Defense Of Affirmative Action

Case Study


Eric Foster



Success Stats

  1. We handled a media buy budget of $50,000 with minority print and radio stations across Michigan during the last 3 weeks of the election cycle. 
  2. We bought ads with 20 minority radio stations (African American and Latino American) and 14 minority newspapers (African American, Arab American, Latino American, Native American, Asian American and Jewish American).
  3. We were engaged in direct media, campaign field operations and event support in Kent, Genesee, Saginaw, Muskegon, Jackson, Kalamazoo, Ingham, Eaton, Berrien Calhoun, Bay and Marquette counties.
  4. We worked with the following specific communities of color, African American, Arabic American, Latino American, Chaldean American, Jewish American, Asian American, Native American, Multi-Racial American voting blocks, which equaled 1.45 million potential voters in 2006.

2 Paragraphs

Urban Consulting Group was hired for the Proposal education phase and the ballot committee campaign phase to build stakeholder outreach to ethnic minority voters across Michigan. Our specific targets were the major 17 counties that had double digit minority voting populations and the counties that had high single or double digit Native American populations. We were to meet with stakeholders, grasstops and grassroots leaders, solicit their involvement in the campaign, train them for media interviews and earned media discussion opportunities. We were also hired to work with Minority media organizations (print and radio) to solicit their involvement in educating voters in the campaign initiative. We were to take created talking points, editorial and interview scripts and train the leaders and media organizations on the core messages of the campaign. We were also to develop targeted secondary messaging points to support engagement and participation.