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Strategy beyond Today

We begin with the end in mind, because achieving your goal is always the best strategy.

Marketing, Communications, Content, Design, Reputation Management

Resource Development

A company’s most valuable assets walk out the door every night. We help make sure they not only come back, but they come back even more productive.

Performance improvement, Business development, Sales training, Information technology, Digital and emerging markets

Coalition Building

Success comes from collaborating to do all that you can – and all that you thought you could not.

Government Relations, Public Policy, Grassroots Engagement, Ballot Initiatives, Lobbying, Fund Development, Diversity and Inclusion


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Banks brings great value to clients by forging partnerships through innovation.

Strategy is our Expertise!

Every day another company, project, or campaign is started, and we have experts that can navigate the many different paths. 

We work with Government!

Finding the right place to do business depends a great deal on the political environment. 

Making investments easy! 

With millions of dollars being invested daily, you have come to the right place for everything from startups to seasoned corporations! 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?


Solutions for Success...

America has started to adopt emerging industries like never before. As states grow to legalize more, your business needs change. We understand operational efficiency, quality assurance, regulatory compliance and market penetration. Don't worry, we are the best team to get past financial challenges and barriers. With a combination of consulting and innovative products that can get you started or expanding immediately.

Lobbying and Strategy

Making sure the business can start and keep making money.

Regulatory and Compliance

Municipal and State Licensing Application Development 

Data Driven Results

Understanding the numbers to create the best approach and results.

Investor Relations

Vendor selection and Architectural experts taking your vision higher.

Diversity and Inclusion

Ensuring your business keeps making money and plans to engage all demographics. 

Market Penetration

Branding, Marketing, and Supply Chain positioning for a better future.

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“They were significant in changing the historic DPS enrollment decline, restoring our ability to create relevant programs and retain over $56 million in the per-pupil foundation.”

Detroit Public Schools

“We really appreciate them working with us a partner, as well as their commitment to expanding our presence in the community.”

O.H. Pye III Funeral Home

“They care for my company as if it was their own. Where I have seen others fail in their promises Banks & Company rises to the occasion with measurable results. I strongly recommend them for business growth, prosperity and peace of mind.”

Currier LLC

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