…Lloyd Banks, CEO of Cannabis Practice Group, echoes this and says that “compliance is a 24/7/365 requirement for any successful licensed provider in the medical or recreational marijuana industry.”…

…To explain this further, I spoke with Lloyd Banks, CEO of Cannabis Practice Group, a leading provider of strategic management, consulting, and communications in the Cannabis industry…

Social Equity VS. VENTURE CAPITAL!!🤑🤑🤑
Funds Vs. Freedom!!
Social Equity Designations, Legacy & Municipal Preferencing in local Commercial Marijuana Licensing – What does it mean & how does this relate to final State licensing. Venture Capital & Capital Raise options for Commercial Marijuana Businesses
First up, Cimone and I are going to get down and dirty with Wall Street!! Everything from Hedge Funds, Piegon Funds, #AMC, #Gamestop, #Regulators, #Reddit, and #AuroraCannabis
We also has a special guest Matt Hoffmann of Our Cannabis to tell you – Employment Opportunities in the Commercial Marijuana Industry Have You Been Considering Getting A Job In The “Green Rush” But You Do Know How To Leverage Your Experience Or Create A Resume That Stands Out.