The first marijuana dispensary in Alpena is set to open today, nearly four years after voters in Michigan voted to legalize the use and sale of the drug.

Neighborhood Provisions, located on Washington Avenue…

…Lloyd Banks, CEO of Cannabis Practice Group, echoes this and says that “compliance is a 24/7/365 requirement for any successful licensed provider in the medical or recreational marijuana industry.”…

…To explain this further, I spoke with Lloyd Banks, CEO of Cannabis Practice Group, a leading provider of strategic management, consulting, and communications in the Cannabis industry…

Social Equity VS. VENTURE CAPITAL!!🤑🤑🤑
Funds Vs. Freedom!!
Social Equity Designations, Legacy & Municipal Preferencing in local Commercial Marijuana Licensing – What does it mean & how does this relate to final State licensing. Venture Capital & Capital Raise options for Commercial Marijuana Businesses
First up, Cimone and I are going to get down and dirty with Wall Street!! Everything from Hedge Funds, Piegon Funds, #AMC, #Gamestop, #Regulators, #Reddit, and #AuroraCannabis
We also has a special guest Matt Hoffmann of Our Cannabis to tell you – Employment Opportunities in the Commercial Marijuana Industry Have You Been Considering Getting A Job In The “Green Rush” But You Do Know How To Leverage Your Experience Or Create A Resume That Stands Out.