What We Do

Public Relations & Marketing

Banks & Company is a Public Affairs firm and leaders of Innovation. We work with small business owners and organizations to help them think about their business differently, convert those thoughts to actions and grow their business for sustainability. With more than 20 years of experience, the leaders and experts of this company are passionate about achieving success for our clients—success that go beyond financial and include a social impact that will benefit many communities. We advise leaders on their most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, diversity & inclusion, coalition building, reputation management, information technology, community and government relations, public relations, and communications across all industries and geographies.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are experts on the analytics of diversity and how you can quantify the return on investment by implementing tangible programs and solutions. We’re continuously building our data sets from a precinct and census block level up to a state by state basis to determine the full economic, political, social, educational, consumer and employment capacity of communities of color and how the implementation of workforce, supplier and economic diversity and inclusion activities can realize tangible impacts for these communities. The application is broad for trade associations, advocacy groups, governments and corporate divisions (procurement, diversity, marketing, community engagement). 


We take a practical nuanced and data driven approach to engage on state policy advances in Medical Research, Economic Inclusion and Impact, and regulatory tools to support the triangulation of objectives between our clients, different layers of Government and the community stakeholders that they deal with.  We use the same logic model in getting communities to enable Commercial Marijuana businesses to be licensed in their communities. Our approach has helped many communities implement sound, logical policies that benefit our clients, the community stakeholders, and the State by giving them cities to highlight as model implementation communities. 

Policy Management & Governmental Relations

Banks & Company is a leader in proactive policy management. We identify the core needs for our clients, to set the regulatory and governmental framework for them, versus waiting on others to bring legislation or administrative reforms and then responding.  We have managed public policy initiatives from Charter revisions, local ordinance creation and amendments, local appropriations decisions modification, and State legislative policy clarification for our client industries . We have directed State legislation introduction and bill movement, appropriations and administrative department leadership interaction, as well as Federal legislative engagement and policy interaction.

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